John Van Olden – Professional Dog Trainer! 

I am a professional dog trainer with over two decades of experience, and have spent my career as a trainer working with dogs experiencing the most challenging behavior issues.

I’ve given many people their start in the dog training business, and after training scores of professional dog trainers, I started Canine Trade Group which offers a professional dog trainer course that is taught four times per year at a 300 acre dog training facility in Dover, Delaware.  If your goal is to become a professional dog trainer, and make a difference in the lives of dogs and their people by owning your own dog behavior training practice and pet business, you have come to the right place!

I also work with professional dog trainers assisting them in cultivating and growing their dog training business. I offer help in teaching professional dog trainers more effective, reward-based, balanced training protocols so that they can better serve clients and their pets.

I have trained dozens of professional dog trainers, many who are the most respected and trusted experts in their communities.  I can do the same for you. Please call me directly today at 800.649.7297 or contact me for more information on how to take the first step in a new dog training career and dog business that is rewarding on every level